A six metre shepherd hut, with a truly authentic look and feel.

Pippa and Ian’s self-build Shepherd Hut project had been in the planning long before they settled in Carmarthenshire, where it would eventually be built.
Having finalised their plans for a Shepherd Hut with an authentic look and feel, they ordered a Frame kit, Chassis and Roof Sheets from Harrogate Huts. Here’s what Ian had to tell us about the build…
Shepherd Hut Frame
Shepherd Hut Frame Kit
What was your plan when setting out to build your Shepherd Hut?
Pippa and I had talked about building our Shepherd Hut since we were first married; planning to build it when we settled down – having moved many times in our careers. We settled in Carmarthenshire, where we were ready to build our Shepherd Hut. We wanted to create a Shepherd Hut that looked authentic within its surroundings; this influenced decisions like choosing wriggly tin cladding from a local supplier…
Shepherd Hut Wall Membrane
Shepherd hut Roof Sheets


Our hut is not at all modern inside either; it is wired for electric lights and fittings if we prefer them in the future – though we have chosen so far to light it with oil lamps only, and to heat it using a single wood burning stove. 

We were particularly lucky with the steel-framed windows that we found for the hut. We were able to restore these and seat them perfectly within the frame.

Shepherd Hut Bed
Shepherd Hut Interior
How did you insulate your Shepherd Hut?
Living in a sheep farming area, we were able to source  wool insulation from local sources. Our Shepherd hut is very well insulated, and stays very warm through the winter months.
Insulation for a Shepherd Hut
Shepherd Hut Snow
How did you find the frame-building stage of the process?
The Shepherds Hut frame was a joy to build. It is very cleverly designed, and went up quickly. The roof sheets were a perfect fit for the frame as well.

On behalf of the Harrogate Huts team, a big thank you to Ian and Pippa for sharing your Shepherd Hut project (and fabulous photographs!) with us.