Shepherd Hut Stove (Hobbit Stove)

£710.00 inc. VAT

A small cast iron multi-fuel stove that is perfect for a shepherd-hut build.

  • Compatible with wood, coal or eco logs
  • High-quality cast iron construction
  • New improved efficiency of 81.4%
  • Provides 4.1kW of efficient, clean burning heat
  • New pre-heated tertiary air intake and enhanced pre-heated secondary combustion technology
  • Air controls at the front of the stove, for improved usability
  • 5-year warranty when you register your Hobbit stove with manufacturer
  • Hand-finished, fettled and inspected at the manufacturer’s Devon workshop
  • Measures only 302mm wide, 272mm deep and 465mm high
  • Glass window with greatly improved Airwash technology
  • Improved main grate, for better multi-fuel capability
  • Dust-free riddling and new ash direction plates for cleaner, more controlled de-ashing
  • Riddling grate, ashpan and multi-tool included
  • Independently tested, certified and approved to the new, more stringent, Eco Design standards which come into effect on the 1st January 2022

A small cast iron stove that is perfect for a shepherd-hut build. The 4.1kW ‘Hobbit Stove’ can burn wood, coal or eco logs, and has been designed for installation in smaller spaces. We’ve tried and tested the Hobbit stove in shepherd hut builds of our own and it has been a popular choice among Harrogate Huts cutsomers in their projects.

This compact stove complies with the Eco Design 2022 regulations.

The Hobbit stove comes with a 5-year warranty (when you register your stove with Salamander).

The current lead time for a Hobbit stove is 10-16 weeks …you can receive other shepherd hut components from your order before this, so can get the build under way before the hobbit’s arrival!

Nominal heat output 4.1kW
Total net energy efficiency
Wood 79.4%
Manufactured smokeless fuel 81.4%
Seasonal efficiency 69.4%
Energy efficiency class A
Energy efficiency index (%) 105
Flue outlet 100mm (4″)
Distance from rear of stove to the centre of the top flue exit 115mm
Distance from floor to the centre of the rear flue exit 373mm
Height (excluding stove collar) 460mm
Height (including stove collar) 465mm
Width 302mm
Depth 272mm
Max log size (will take a larger log but this is the optimum length for stacking) 200mm (8″)
Window Dimensions 180mm x 155mm
Distance to combustible materials
Side 400mm
Rear 450mm
Distance to combustible materials (with stove heat shields)
Side 150mm
Rear 100mm