A Pottery and Office Area, in a 5.4m Shepherds Hut...

A Pottery and Office Area, in a 5.4m Shepherds Hut...

Mark and Caroline’s Shepherd Hut build began in July and was finished by September… with the end result looking truly stunning.

Harrogate Huts’ frame, roof-sheets and joinery made the journey from North Yorkshire to Hampshire, ready for Mark and Caroline to get their project under way… and they certainly didn’t hesitate to get started when everything arrived!

Mark was happy to inform us that the majority of the work was done by the couple themselves, completing the build from start to finish in around 8 weeks. Today their hut is in regular use as a pottery and office area, with an innovative porch-roof overhang over the French double doors.The hut was built using Harrogate Huts’ 5.4m Shepherd Hut Frame, French doors, roof sheets, internal wall cladding and double window units. All of the wooden components were manufactured at our workshop in Harrogate North Yorkshire.

Harrogate Huts’ frame helped to make the build process simple, with OSB board being fitted to the exterior of the frame, creating an 80mm insulation cavity for the internal cladding to sit inside of. The doors and windows then slotted easily into the grid sections of the frame, with the roof sheets perfectly fitting to the curve of the frame’s roof. Visit our Build-Guide pages for more advice on how to complete these steps.

The end result of the build was a traditional and elegantly constructed garden room… Congratulations on your Shepherds Hut, Caroline and Mark; we hope you enjoyed a well-earned cup of tea after completing the build!
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