Fixing the frame to a base

Fixing the frame to a base

Every shepherd hut needs a base. This might be a steel chassis – or just a fixed structure to allow airflow underneath it.

Here’s our guide to fixing your Shepherd Hut frame to a base or chassis…

Before you fix your frame to a base, you’ll need to securely fix a covering of OSB/Stirling board (18mm thick) to its underside. This can be sourced from any good timber supplier.

We’d recommend lying your frame on its side temporarily and securing the OSB boards using 30mm screws and wood glue. (Alternatively, you can fix the 18mm panels to the base or chassis first, before lifting the built frame on top of the boards and fixing them from the top)

Once the OSB is securely fixed, you’re ready to lift your frame on to its base or chassis. Our frames typically require 4-6 people to to lift them (depending on how long your frame is).

Now all you need to do is make sure your frame is central on your chassis or base, and then secure it into place using Tek-bolts at regular intervals. For example, we would recommend screwing in 20-30 bolts, spread evenly across the surface of the frame – attaching the OSB to the surface of the base or chassis. Tek bolts can be found in most hardware stores.
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