Four Acres Lake

Shepherd-Hut Glamping in County Down

We’ve sent Shepherd Hut frames up and down mainland UK, with Harrogate Huts now standing in Cornwall, Dingwall and very many places in between!

We’re often asked to send Shepherd Huts further afield; here is a wonderful customer story for our friends at Four Acres Farm, in Donaghadee in Northern Ireland.
Four Acres Farm were seeking to add a self-catering accommodation to their extensive – and very picturesque – fishing, farming and shooting site in rural County Down.

Their requirement was for an option that would fit with their scenic surroundings, while providing space for accommodation, a bathroom and kitchen; a 5.4m Shepherd Hut ticked all the boxes!

Our delivery options are for UK mainland delivery addresses, so the Four Acres’ team arranged for a pallet-shipping service to collect their frame and roof sheets from our workshop in North Yorkshire…

We typically ship our frames with our own driver, so that they can be assembled by joining 8-12 large cross-section pieces together, for this we needed a different solution in order to ship via pallet-service. This meant sending our frame’s cross section pieces in two separate pieces, so that they could fit on to a pallet for transportation – requiring an additional stage in the build process when it arrived.

The Shepherd Hut was collected and crossed safely to Northern Ireland, where it was soon build and fully finished. Today it is well used as a highly popular accommodation at Four Acres Farm, where it looks well and truly at home in its beautiful County Down surroundings.
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