Shepherd Hut & Garden Office

Shepherd Hut
Frame Kits

It all starts with a frame...
Easy to build, classic design, sustainable materials.

Build Your Own
Shepherd's Hut

Make your own unique space...
Easy to build, classical design, escape from it all...

Build a Shepherd Hut frame in under two hours!

Elegant, hassle free self-build Shepherd Hut frames. Perfect for glamping, garden offices or studios.

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Elegant & Unique

A beautiful space that can be tailored to your exact needs. Whether it’s a space to work or a space to unwind. Add your own style.

Easy to Build

Our Shepherd Hut kits make every aspect of the project as easy as possible. Save money with a self-build frame kit and make it your own.


We only use wood from FSC certified sources; harvested from forests that are responsibly managed and environmentally conscious.

Let’s build a Shepherd Hut together…