Our shepherd huts have been built on all sorts of bases, but sometimes the best solution is the most traditional… If you are looking for a steel chassis, here are some fabricators who are familiar with our frames already.

Keyes Fabrication

Based in Preston, Lancashire.


Manufacturers of steel shepherds hut chassis, that have been sized for our frames and cast-iron wheels.

Shepherds Hut Frabricator
Chassis Fabricators Lancashire

Hanbeck Farm

Based in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

Contact: William Spicer,

Manufacturers of steel shepherds hut chassis.

Shepherds Hut Chassis - Grantham
Shepherds Hut Chassis

Cornish Pride Engineering

Based in Cornwall.


Fabricators of steel shepherds hut chassis. Chassis are galvanised and supplied ready for painting.

Cornish Pride Shepherds Hut Chassis

If you’re working with a local chassis manufacturer, they will most likely need our frame’s external base measurements. The external base width of our frame is always 2234mm, with multiple lengths available. The exact length in mm measurements of our frame can be found on our shepherds hut frame product page.