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Portable Shepherds Hut Power Supply - Powerpack 450+

Portable Shepherds Hut Power Supply - Powerpack 450+

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Quiet and lightweight innovative portable power thats perfect for off grid outdoor activities, cabins, glamping tents, garages, market stalls, service engineers and for basic backup during a power cut.

The Powerpack 450+ delivers at every level providing AC and DC power easily and safely. Utilising the latest Lithium-polymer battery technology the Powerpack 450+ delivers 444 Watt hour of electricity both from its rated 450W AC pure sine wave 230V inverter, high capacity 3 x 12V 15A (total) output, 1 x 12V 15A car DC port 3 x USB ports (3.1A total) and NEW high power Type C making it ideal to power laptops, fans, LED lights, LCD TV, charge mobile devices and power tools.

This unit is also capable to provide back up power to a small fridge for 15-20 hours. Recharging in the Powerpack 450+ is safe, quick and easy using the included AC adapter and 12V car adapter. The Powerpack 450+ can also be recharged from solar using the supplied cable and up to a 60 watt solar panel (ideal accessory available here) The integrated LED display clearly displays battery and output status and the control panel allow simple selection of the different output options.

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