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Harrogate Huts

Shepherd Hut Roof Sheets

Shepherd Hut Roof Sheets

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Corrugated iron roofing sheets, curved to fit the shepherd hut roof profile.

Your roof sheets will be shipped to you, with a Plastisol finish on the top side and grey on the underside. All you’ll need to do is install them on to your shepherd hut.

  • Each corrugated iron roof sheet is 1090mm wide (100mm overlap gives 990mm coverage width)
  • Juniper Green or Black Plastisol finish with grey finish underside.
  • Curvature is compatible with all of our shepherd hut frames and roof frame kits.

There is a 150mm overhang at each end of the frame, as such the roof width is the frame width plus 300mm. Each roof sheet is 1090mm wide and provides 990mm coverage with a 100mm overlap.

Frame Width Roof + Overhang Number of Sheets Coverage
3.0m 3.3m 4 3.96m
3.6m 3.9m 4 3.96m
4.2m 4.5m 5 4.95m
4.8m 5.1m 6 5.94m
5.4m 5.7m 6 5.94m
6.0m 6.3m 7 6.93m
6.6m 6.9m 7 6.93m

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