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Harrogate Huts

XL Shepherd Hut Roof Sheets (2.8m wide)

XL Shepherd Hut Roof Sheets (2.8m wide)

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Frame Length

Please note, these are the wider version of our roof-sheets, designed to fit to our XL roof-frame kit only (see frame drawing in product image gallery).

Corrugated iron roofing sheets, curved to fit the shepherd hut roof profile.

Your roof sheets will be shipped to you, with a Plastisol finish on the top side and grey on the underside. All you’ll need to do is install them on to your shepherd hut.

  • Each corrugated iron roof sheet is 1090mm wide (100mm overlap gives 990mm coverage width)
  • Juniper Green or Black Plastisol finish with grey finish underside.
  • Curvature is compatible with all of our shepherd hut frames and roof frame kits.

There is a 150mm overhang at each end of the frame, as such the roof width is the frame width plus 300mm. Each roof sheet is 1090mm wide and provides 990mm coverage with a 100mm overlap.

Frame Width Roof + Overhang Number of Sheets Coverage
3.0m 3.3m 4 3.96m
3.6m 3.9m 4 3.96m
4.2m 4.5m 5 4.95m
4.8m 5.1m 6 5.94m
5.4m 5.7m 6 5.94m
6.0m 6.3m 7 6.93m
6.6m 6.9m 7 6.93m

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