Shepherds Hut Flue Kit

£515.00 inc. VAT

Shepherds Hut flue kit with all the components required to install your hobbit stove stove in your own Harrogate Hut.

The Shepherds Hut flue has a 4” diameter, perfectly fitting our stove – making it a great fit for our shepherd hut frame’s dimensions.

Flue kit includes:

  • 1x 1000mm of single wall flue pipe (black finish 100mm/4″ internal diameter)
  • 1x 500mm of single wall flue pipe (black finish 100mm/4″ internal diameter)
  • 1x Joint clip (to suit 100mm/4″ internal diameter SW flue)
  • 1x Adaptor – single wall to twin wall flue (100mm/4″ internal diameter to 125mm/5″ internal diameter)
  • 1x Trim plate
  • 1x Wall band (to suit 125mm/5″ internal diameter TW flue)
  • 1x Silicone boot roof flashing and fixing kit
  • 1x Storm collar (to suit 125mm/5″ internal diameter)
  • 1x Rain cap cowl (125mm/5″ internal diameter)
  • 1x 500mm of twin wall flue pipe (125mm/5″ internal diameter)
  • 1x 300mm of twin wall flue pipe (125mm/5″ internal diameter)
  • 1x Cartridge of fire cement
  • 1x Cartridge of heatproof silicone sealant
  • Current lead time: 14-16 weeks to delivery

Our flue kit has been designed specifically to exit vertically through the roof of your hut. A single vertical flue is the most straightforward way to install a stove into your shepherds hut, while roviding a traditional finish with a high level of heating.

Our shepherd hut frame provides an insulation cavity that enables the hut to retain heat very well (when constructed properly). Installing a single wall flue in your shepherd’s hut enables you to benefit from the additional heat that is released from the flue as the flue gases exit through the roof.

The flue allows sufficent space to use a small pan or a kettle on the top of the hobbit stove.

The current lead time for a Flue is 10-16 weeks …you can receive other shepherd hut components from your order before this, so can get the build under way before the flue kit’s arrival!